Sunday, June 6, 2010

A glimpse of our home on Balmoral Bay in the morning

In a very few days I will be leaving for China visiting family and friends there and staying there over the whole summer. This will be my last painting for a while in Canada for I will be busy packing up for the trip. It was so quiet this morning when I started the painting.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Academy Live Street View

Woodlands Gallery is one of the many businesses organizing this annual event, and I was invited to paint on location on the street. I set up right in front of the gallery and painted this view while the clouds started to break up revealing partially the blue sky. Academy Road was alive with music and festivities , and it was really exciting to be part of the event.

Duck Pond at Assiniboine Park of Winnipeg

Drove all the way to Winnipeg early in the morning for the occasion of the annual  Academy Live Street festival . I stopped at the pond on the way and painted this scene. The pond was fenced in with an expansion project on the way. It was partially cloudy when I started this painting.