Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another view from our patio towards noon

Another quick oil sketch done from our patio looking into Maureen's backyard when the sun was shining brightly from the dome of the summer sky.

In the full morning sunlight

A quick oil sketch early in the morning from our patio

Friday, July 29, 2011

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Park Theatre on Wasagaming Drive

The park theatre on Wasagaming Drive in late afternoon is a popular spot for lots of visitors who came to watch movies as well as to dine here. Before heading back to Brandon I decided to paint there, and it will be my last painting in the collection for the coming show in August.

A cottage right on the edge of wildness

Back to the north-shore of the lake again to paint this impressive cottage located right on an edge of wildness. On a previous visitor, its owner took me to its deck facing a stretch of beautiful wood with a small creek running through.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Visitor Centre of Riding Mountain National Park in late afternoon sunshine

The three young kids were indeed thrilled to see themselves on my painting when they returned  to see my finished work.

a cozy cottage on Grey Owl Estate

So impressed by its owner's story about how they built their cozy home away from home by recreating a piece of natural habitat of vegetation to fit the surrounding. Came to the spot early in the morning when the full sunlight was on the front of the cottage.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Catching the last light

A quick oil sketch from our backyard when the last light was on part of the wall of our house.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

After a downpour of rain

a quick oil sketch through the window after a downpour of rain.

Ready to fly away

The three baby robins are ready to fly , and  a few hours after this oil sketch, they all flew away.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Stopping at Grayling Lake on a rainy morning

I tried to make it to the Moon Lake but stopped at Grayling Lake when it started to drizzle. Half way through the painting it started to rain heavily and I had to stop and got into my car. The rain was pouring down the windshield , I sat there watching with the second movement of Beethoven's 5th piano concerto playing on my CD. Suddenly I could feel the converge of a stream of emotions from both the music and the nature. When the rain stopped I got out of my car and finished the rest of the painting.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Garden behind the Wisitor Center of Riding Mountain National Park

Returned to Clear Lake. It was cloudy and cold  late in the afternoon. There were few visitors around.  People were supprised to see me painting so late of the day. Had a very nice chat with Mary from Lake Huron area. The very word lake Huron just fascinated me somehow conjuring up images of enchanting solitude.

A cottage on the north shore of Clear lake

No doubt, this is a beautiful cottage on a beautiful secluded north shore location on Clear lake in the Riding Mountain National Park. However, equally intriguing is the story behind the cottage narrated so vividly by its owner whose kindness and generosity is so infectious. Also equally friendly are her three dogs who came to greet me and " pose" right in front of me for a minute before they were distracted and all started to bark.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A cottage on Lake Metigoshe

We left Brandon early in the morning when it was dark and foggy with impending downpour any minute. We drove south on Highway 10 for over an hour and located the cottage I was commissioned to paint on Lake Metigoshe which I had never been to before. It was sunny and a bit windy but certainly not the kind of weather we would have anticipated. It was a beautiful lake with most of it on the US side full of beautiful cottages. After I finished the painting of the cottage , its owner was so kind as to give us a boat ride around the lake with her kind neighbor navigating the boat and serving as a very knowledgeable tour guide to us. We left at 4 p.m not knowing that Brandon had been hit by a huge rain storm while we were away. We stopped at Boisseevain to have a picnic in a very quiet park. It was so relaxing when the sweltering hot muggy weather was suddenly behind us.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Time to feed

A quick sketch of a mother robin coming to feed three baby robins in a nest built in a niche in our patio.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

An aspen wood on Lake Katherine

After a short rest, I walked a little further up the road and found this scene where a downtrodden path led the view into distance flanked by tall aspens. It was close to noon hours when I started this painting of quite a big dimension. The glare from the blank canvas in the strong sunlight had a rather strain on my eyes. However, nothing could deter me from painting this beautiful view. Aspens always touch string of my heart. While painting in the morning alone on the lake I had always been a little concerned about encountering a bear. By the time I finished the first painting visitors started to arrive , and the thought of bear was not a concern to me anymore somehow. However, as soon as I drove away around 2 p.m after I finished this painting, it just happened that I spotted through my rear windshield of my car  a big black bear walking right pass through the spot where I had been standing painting this aspen wood! Had I been packing up just two minutes later I would have had a very close encounter with the bear! A interesting ending note to my happy painting for the day!

Lake Katherine

Drove all the way to Lake Katherine to paint early in the morning at 8 a.m. Lake Katherine is a picture of serenity with loons dashing across the surface of the lake with their serene and hunting voice reverberating through the air, with fishing turning its back near the shore, and with dragon flies darting in the air chasing mosquitoes. I was deeply touched by what I see all around me, and this is the moment when you can not help but just marveling at God's creation, from the universe down to a single blade of grass! I just want to savor every single minute of my presence there to  feel deeply the pulse of nature,  to be engulfed by complete silence , and to hear my heart pounding with excitement. This is the moment when you just want to repeat John Keats' last  lines from his Ode on a Grecian Urn    "Beauty is truth, truth beauty"---that is all
            Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Looking down into Clear Lake from the grove of aspens on the top of the golf course just before sunset

Drove back to the golf course and painted this last picture there to mark the moment when the sun started to sink below the horizon. Too many mosquito there ,  and had to paint in a hurry. It was already past 9 pm when I left the spot.

An accidental discovery

Captain Ron finally fixed the problem with his boat and loaded all of us onto his beautiful boat to cruse on the lake! After cruising around over the water of the  lake we pulled into a dock on the north shore of the lake. I was quite impressed with the view of the green cottage on the shore and with two canoes lying face down on the bank, and decided to paint right on the dock to mark the moment.

Boat fishing on the lake

Early in the morning before breakfast, I drove down to the spot where you will find  the entrance to Golf Course, I was struck by the  mirror like surface of the lake where two guys on a boat were fishing and a husband and wife with their dog were jogging along the shoreline. Before the sun broke out of the clouds breaking up the mirror like sheen of serene surface of the lake, I did this quick oil sketch.

Friday, July 15, 2011

On the way to Riding Mountain National Park - a glimpse of Highway 10 from Onanole

After a visit to the Pool Michael Bookshop in Onanole, we drove across the road to the home hardware store there , and I was captivated by the view looking down the highway, and decided to do one more painting there before returning to Wasagaming for the opening reception a show at the art center. It was already 6 p.m, and I have one hour to go. Here hopefully after one hour of work, I did capture what first impressed me.

A distant view into Deep Bay

After I finished my painting of the deep bay cabin, I walked down a path which led me to this turning point where is actually the focal point of  view of my yesterday's painting. It was quite a relief from the heat to stand on a dock to paint this sweeping  view of lake and sky.

The Deep Bay Artist Cabin

Drove down to the Deep Bay again after breakfast, and at the end of the stairway, combating tons of mosquitoes I painted a profile of the famous cabin nestled in the wood right on the edge of the beach. So many times people asked me if I was the artist staying at this cabin, I would have to tell them no I was not. Hope that next year I would be able to apply for a residency here.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A red cabin nestled in an aspen wood on Grey Owl estate

Without Ron and Sally's generous offer to let me stay at their cottage, the whole project of painting Clear lake would be impossible. Ron and Sally built their beautiful cottage from scratch many years ago. From their cottage deck, I set up my easel there painting this view of a red cottage nestled in the wooded area when it remained cloudy in the evening.

An aspen grove in Wasagaming

Accidentally found myself on a stretch of seemingly abandoned road which was not for motorists anymore. I stopped my car and tried to make a U-turn when I spotted this grove of aspens , and decided make a memory of my mistake . I set up my ease right there and painted this picture before I turned my car around.

A stroll down towards the Deep Bay

David , Ann and Fengping came to visit from Brandon with Ron and Sally today , and together we went for a walk along the shoreline after lunch. It was still overcast when we walked down the apparent popular path for both pedestrians and cyclists which leads us all the way to Deep Bay. Before we reached Deep Bay, I stopped to paint this view of this stretch of shoreline of the lake with the Martese visible in the  far distance.

Clear Lake Lodge

At the request from its owner, I came to paint Clear Lake Lodge located just a stone thrown away from the beach of Clear lake. A few minutes into the painting, the weather changed from sunny to overcast. However, I stayed on with my first impression , and kept its sunlit appearance.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

a serene moment after sunset

I went back to the top of the golf course at 9 p.m after sunset. There permeating the lake and the sky is such a beautiful  serenity as could only be found at this particular moment when the sun had sank  below the horizon leaving her last glow onto the clouds in the sky as her last blush. 

Keeseekoowenin Ojibway First Nation sharing lodge

Have been to the park so many times, odd enough I have never discovered this building in Wasagaming. It  is quite late in the afternoon when I start the painting of the building which serves as sharing lodge for Keeseekoowenin Ojibway first nation. A lady who works there came to introduce herself to me and invited me to take a look inside the building.

Camping on the shore of Lake Audy

I reached Lake Audy early in the afternoon and set up my easel on the camp ground right on the shore of the lake. It was a lovely sight of the lake glistening in the sun with people camping right on the shore dotted with wild roses and guarded by soaring pines. Met a few lovely kids who are attracted by the sight of lone painter. They are the most adorable and politest kids I have ever met. They brought back their parents to watch me and we had very nice chat. I had to turn down  their kind invitation of a sip of wine to rush back to Wasagaming to  email Fengping as she was waiting for my message before the gallery closed at 6 p.m.

A vista from Bison Range watching tower

I am lucky enough to spot a procession of bison in the distance while painting this vista of a view from the bison range watching tower.

Aspen wood

On my way to Bison Range, I pulled over on the side of the road to paint. The soaring aspen trees always hold me in awe. With  each car passing  by the gravel road, a plume of dust inevitably fell over my canvas. As one motorist joked as he passed that I must have a dust proof paint.

A view from the North Shore of Clear Lake

On my way to Lake Audy, I stopped at a location called Spruce early in the morning to find myself standing on the shore with the expansion of lake water glistening in the ambient  morning light.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A sunset moment at the lake

At the request from a gentleman to commemorate his late father who used to sit at this particular spot to watch the sunset over the lake , I waited out until around 9 p.m and painted this view of sunset moment.

Strolling into sunset

After supper , came back to the park, there is always something romantic and endearing to see couples strolling along the lake against late afternoon sunshine.

Biking with her dog on Timothy Road

Painted this view of  aspen wood along the Timothy Road when a young lady on her bike with her dog came into my view.

Picnic by the lake

Quite a lovely sight with a young couple having picnic with the lake as a backdrop. Had a nice chat with the young fellow who is from Philippine and surprised me with his accent free  impeccable English.

a triad of three species of trees.

A pine , a birch, and an aspen formed this triad  in the wood not far from the wishing well. I came to paint this view just to get a respite from the heat of the scorching sun but only to have to face the swarming mosquitoes.

A glimpse of the Wishing Well

The Wishing Well by itself was not that interesting to paint but  including the garden like surrounding , the view becomes more interesting now. Especially like the look of that unique  fence above the well.

Early in the morning at the main beach

Came back to the main beach early in the morning. A few park employees there were working on the automatic sprinkling system. They were so thoughtful and so considerate to adjust the angle of spraying water to avoid me  when they saw me setting up to paint.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Looking down into Deep Bay

Went back to Deep Bay to do one more painting to wrap up for today. Painted this view of sunlit pine trees against the backdrop of the  gleaming lake from the top of the stairway leading to the Deep Bay. Had to move my easel to make way for people coming up or going down the stairway. Lots of mosquitoes !

Biking into the sunset

With a tandem bike passing down the street , and with a few people sitting leisurely on those colorful chairs in front of the popular ice cream store, I painted this picture on the street against setting sunlight

Sailing before the gathering storm

It was very quiet today at the beach with only a few people strolling around. I set up my easel to paint there again to focus my view on the sailing boats and the gathering clouds in the sky.

Our house facing the early morning sunlight

A quick oil sketch in the morning of our house on Balmoral Bay before getting ready to return to the Clear Lake on my  7 day painting excursion.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A busy day at the main beach

It was already 4 p.m by the time we came back to Wasagaming. It was quite a sight to see the main beach filled up with so many people. I decided to paint right there and set up my easel on the edge of the beach which drew lots of curious onlookers.  Totally unaware of my painting them, the two Spanish speaking ladies on the chairs were quite thrilled to see  that I had put them in the painting.

A creek from the Whirl Pool Lake

Stopped by the Whirl Pool lake on our way back to Wasagaming in the afternoon. This was our first visitor to the lake. Found this sweeping view at the lake with  a creek running merrily through  a meadow with lots of wild roses.

An impressive vista from the park

At one particular spot along the road, visitors are greeted by an impressive vista where the land seemed to drop quite dramatically stretch as far as the eyes can see, suddenly making people realize why this park is called Riding Mountain

The historical south gate of the Riding Mountain National Park

Drove over 30 kilometers to find this gate which I had never been to. It was so quite in the morning at this location. However painting in the glaring sun was made even more challenging by the glaring light reflected from the gravel road.