Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Two Jacks Lake

What a breathtakingly beautiful view of Two Jack Lake! The emerald green color of the lake is just so intoxicating to me. The ice has melted away unveiling the hidden beauty of the lake. We find two lonely Canada geese on the remaining patches of ice there examining us with such intense curiosity. Dark clouds start to accumulate all of a sudden after a few minutes of painting and snow pallets start to fall amid gust of wind. I have to finish this painting in a real hurry. I wish I could come back again and again. This will be my last painting from the Rockies for tomorrow we will have to pack up and leave this beautiful land ,of course with 18 paintings serving as my memories of the beautiful Rockies and of the wonderful time spent with my parents who came from China to visit us in Canada, and with Sarah who has just finished her first year at University of Alberta and with Fenping, my wife who has toiled for so many days to make sure this trip is a successful one.

A view from Bow Fall at Banff Town

We drove back to Banff Town on our last day of our stay at the Rockies and came to take a rest at the Bowl Fall when I found this beautiful view and started to paint away and finished it in one and half hour.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A glimpse of the Chalet against the mountains

The red roof of the chalet where we stayed for the last few days at Canmore attracted me to this view of the mountains after supper.

A trail along the Bowl River

It was letting up when I started my second painting while waiting for my ride on the trail.

A heavenly view from Bowl River

While taking a walk along the trail of the Bowl River at Canmore we found ourselves face to face with this sweeping view. I started to whip away at this pieces of newly purchased canvas when the clouds started to accumulate at the " Three Sisters" and the rain started to fall onto me.

A glimpse of the moutain from the same spot

It suddenly occurred to me that I left two of my canvases behind on the spot and so the very next morning I drove back to Nordic Center to retrieve my canvases. I could not resist the temptation for another painting of the same view again in the drizzle of the rains .

Another view from the Nordic Center

The sun started to break out of the clouds and the rain came to a stop by the time I started my second painting for the day right behind the Nordic Center.

Monday, May 5, 2008

A view from Nordic Center at Canmore

We drove around in the rain to find ourselves facing this spectacular view of the maintain with a lake near the Nordic Center of Canmore around noon. I painted this view in the drizzle of rain while Fengping , Sarah and parents found a nice spot for Ma Jung game right in the Nordic Center!

Dark and rainy clouds

It was getting dark and cloudy after supper when I painted this view of the Canmore mountain from the backyard of the chalet.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A view of Mount Rundle

Stopped right on High Way No.1 just before we reached Banff Town to attempt to capture the sweeping view of Mountain Rundle. I had to hold my ease down with one hand against strong gusts of wind while painting this view.

Aspens against snow-covered moutains

After a light lunch at the picnic table, I painted one more painting of aspens against the background of a snow-covered mountain.

A breathtaking view on our way to Jonston Cannyon

On our way to Johnston Canyon we stopped to enjoy this fantastic view of the Rockies Mountain. I set up my ease right on the edge of a steep slope and painted this view while Fenping, Sarah and parents sat at a picnic table and started their own round of Ma Jung game there.

A closer view of "the Three Sisters"

I got up early again this morning to drive around in Canmore when I found myself right on Bow River with the " Three Sisters" clear in view. No words could describe the heavenly joy that surged through my heart when I started to whip away at my easel early in the morning.

Lake Louise

For the past few years I have always dreamed of setting up my ease right on Lake Louise and painting there on location. Today when we finally came to its presence we were a bit disappointed to find it still frozen solid. Nevertheless I set up my easel there right way and painted this view of Lake Louise in two and half hours when lots of tourist came to take pictures of me painting or video taping me. We tried to go to Lake Moraine but the road to it remained closed for the season.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

A glimpse of Castle Mountain from Banff

We stopped on our way to Lake Louise to enjoy the sweeping view of the Bowl River valley with the castle mountain looming large in the background. I set up my easel in a hurry and painted this view in 20 minutes.

Mountains from Canmore

Got up early in the morning and paint this view of Canmore staning right on the Bow Valley Trail. I really felt like being in heaven when I trained my eyes on the peaks of the mountains in the morning sunlight.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Another view from the same spot

It was already quite dark by the time I turned my easel around in the opposite direction to paint another view. Right beside the railway trail there was the mountain already silhouetted against evening sky and the lights from the buildings were shining through the duskiness.

Sun setting on the " Three Sisters"

Finally after much planing, and driving we came to spend a week in Canmore after picking up Sarah from Edmonton. We found Rocky Mountain Chalet and thrilled to be able to see the mountains right trough the bedroom windows. I set up the easel right outside the window and tried to capture the moment when peaks of the "three Sisters" were drenched in the evening sunlight.